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Dog Grooming

  • Bathing Fido

    Get tips and tricks to make bath time fun for you and your best furry friend.

  • Getting Clean Ears

    If your dog has long ears, you’ll have to take extra care to keep them clean. Learn how!

8 Simple Steps for Pet Grooming at Home To keep your dog’s coat, teeth, ears and eyes healthy, regular grooming is a must. We all love to bury our faces in our dog’s sweet-smelling fur, and of course your dog will feel tip-top with a tangle-free coat and well-trimmed nails. Even if you have a groomer to help you keep …

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed makes him more comfortable as well as reduces those scratches in your wood floor. Because you’ll need both hands to clip the nails, a second person to hold onto the dog is most helpful. Not all dogs are fans of having their nails trimmed. If your dog is one of them, it might be best …

Cleaning near your dog’s eyes requires extreme care. Find out how to carefully remove tear stains here.

Many pet owners dismiss their pets’ bad breath as simply “normal” or something to be ignored. However, bad breath is a hallmark of periodontal disease. Learn more about it here.

Your dog’s anal sacs produce fluid with a distinctive odor that identifies him and tells other dogs his sex, approximate age, health status, and other things. Read more about dog anal gland care here.

Most dogs are not fans of bath time. Find out how you can teach your dog to enjoy bath time here!

Good dental hygiene may prolong your dog’s life, because infected gums release bacteria into the bloodstream that can attack organs throughout the body. Learn how to keep your dog’s teeth clean here.

While some dogs and cats are easy to bathe and brush at home, others need regular trips to the groomer. Check out these tips for finding the best groomer for your dog.

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