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Rabbit Care

  • Before You Adopt

    Learn 10 basics everyone should know before adopting a rabbit.

  • Hop To It!

    Get great tips to care for your favorite snuggle bunny and keep him happy.

Most rabbit-parents know that rabbits are not cheap pets, but there are several easy ways to reduce the costs of their daily care. Find out how to manage your rabbit expenses more effectively here!

If your rabbit is sick and you can’t reach your vet, find out what to do for common ailments.

If you are looking to or have recently adopted a rabbit, check out this basic information.

Rabbits can be leash trained for specific purposes, although they will get more exercise from free-roaming playtime. Learn more about leash training rabbits here.

Rabbits are social creatures and would likely enjoy the company of another furry friend. Find out what animals get along with rabbits here!

Housing options for rabbits have improved dramatically in the past several years. Find out what the housing options available for rabbits are here!

Proper nutrition is essential for good health & longevity. Rabbits need hay, a good high fiber pellet, fresh vegetables and clean water. Learn more about rabbit feeding basics here.

A “rabbitat” is a safe, behaviorally enriching outdoor environment where displaced and rescued rabbits can live in groups and pursue their innate desire to dig. Learn more about rabbitats here.

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