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Note: If you have a question about a specific pet or policies at a shelter, please contact them directly. Asking Petfinder will delay your search for a pet, since each shelter manages its own pet list and information on Read on for more answers.

Are you looking for a new pet? is a searchable list of pets from thousands of shelters and foster groups. Begin your search using our Pet Search (at the top of this page). Since Petfinder is updated on a daily basis, we recommend you keep checking back or save your query so we’ll send you an automatic e-mail when new pets are added that match your search (after you search for a pet, click on “Save This Query” at the bottom of the page).
You can also search by using our Breed List.

Are you a shelter/placement group that needs assistance?

We have specially trained staff dedicated to answering questions from shelter workers and placement groups. If you are a SHELTER or PLACEMENT GROUP and you need to know how to use or need technical assistance about your pet account, then click here.

Do you want more information about a pet you’ve seen on

Please directly contact the animal welfare organization that is caring for this pet. This information can be found on the group’s home page or under the pet’s picture on their description page. Please don’t contact about individual pets. We don’t have any information other than what is posted on their page so contacting us will slow your search and time may be of the essence.

Are you trying to find a home for a pet?

Congratulations on your efforts to help this animal. First, please read Tips on Finding a Home for a Pet. This library article will guide you through the steps to finding a suitable home. You may want to look through our list of adoption groups to find those in your area. Contact them directly to find out what assistance, if any, they may be able to offer you.

Do you need more information on adoption policies? (For instance: What is the adoption fee for a pet? Can you adopt out of state?)

Adoption policies vary greatly from shelter to shelter, so please don’t contact for information specific to a local adoption group. It will slow your inquiry! Contact the shelter or placement group directly. If you are interested in a particular pet, please contact the organization that is caring for that animal. You can find their contact information just under the pet’s photo on each pet description page.
Adoption fees range from $5 to hundreds of dollars. Services also range greatly, from virtually none to full vaccinations, spay/neuter, and temperament testing/training. In almost all cases, the adoption fee is less than the actual cost of caring for the pet while it is sheltered. Some groups will not adopt outside their area and many will want to do a “home check” as part of the adoption process.

Are you having trouble entering your location on Petfinder?

Please make sure that you are entering either your correct American zip code or Canadian postal code (including the space). If you are searching by the name of a town, please type it like Tucson, AZ (using the two letter abbreviation for the state). For example, you would type either 07978 OR Pluckemin, NJ. If your web browser is “cookie-enabled” it will remember your zip code for future visits so that you do not have to reenter it each time. If doesn’t recognize your postal code, please contact us.

Would you like to Link to Petfinder?

We appreciate inbound links to You will help get pets adopted! Please visit our Info Page and you can choose from the links we have available at the bottom (including our Quick Pet Search Module). You can also check out our new Featured Pet Module, which allows you to show adoptable pets from your area right on your own home page. does not have a links page but if you have a service you’d like to promote, you may do so on our message board or by contacting your local shelter to see if they’ll promote your service on their local home page.

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